News 4– 23.6.2019

Dear customers, Dear interested parties!

The storm of 11/12/6 has now produced only manageable damage after more detailed investigation. Component D was completely spared, in component E the damage can be repaired at short notice (injection into sub-regions), so that the work can be resumed. Above all, the excavations have suffered. In part D all the walls in the basement are concreted, we have started with the ceilings above KG


largely completed and we will leave earth. The rain has also delayed the work here a bit. Let’s hope that this summer does not bring too many extreme weather conditions.

Now for something more enjoyable.

We would like to introduce the chosen door and window fitting for our project “Living on Jungfernsee”.

It is a true “classic” that our architects have chosen. The de form and appearance is a perfect complement to the high-quality door and window products.

David Chipperfield’s model FSB 1004, here in more detail:
The standard material is stainless steel on the entrance doors and aluminum brushed on interior doors and windows.

Of course, we can also mount the fittings in the interior of stainless steel or bronze at extra cost, but these designs are still significant in price. Ask us if you have any wishes here FSB is a market leader, a high-priced brand manufacturer and guarantees the best workmanship and service life.




News 3– 13.6.2019

Dear customers, Dear interested parties!

Unfortunately the storm from 11./12.6 did not spare us on our construction site.
The excavations were under water due to the tremendous rainfall during the night – as well as large parts of Potsdam. There is no noticeable damage in component D, but the work continues for 2-3 days until everything is pumped out. You see the water in the pictures, outside it seeps away quickly. There are parts of the walls already stripped, the second section will be around 19.6. concreted, then the construction of the ceiling begins.


The outcome in component E was more unpleasant. Unfortunately, we found considerable undermining of the base plates and foundations, which are in the process of being clarified. Unfortunately it seems unavoidable that parts of the base plates have to be replaced because the support has been washed out. This leads to a delay of approx. 4-6 weeks in the shell construction, which have to be made up by acceleration in the course of the construction project. There would be no point in saving and patching up the damage here. Unfortunately the massive rain came exactly in the most sensitive moment before filling up the sole upper edge. The construction management is already organizing a plan to repair the work. Regardless of this, nothing will change in the contractual completion dates, we have provided a sufficient time buffers.

After all, we were able to support THW in filling sandbags during the night of the damage, and we thank them for the technical help in pumping!

News 2– 2.6.2019

Dear customers, Dear interested parties!

Construction has progressed further.

In building field D, the walls are finished. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, the concrete will not arrive until Wednesday, but that does not cause any delays. In construction field E the remaining cellar sole will be concreted on Monday and the cellar sole are done in house E1, we also started with the construction of the columns and the walls of the underground garage in construction field E.


In construction field of house A1 and part of the underground car park are excavated.

Last week we concluded the supply contract for the elevator systems. These are 12 elevators of the SCHINDLER 3300 type,  removals an internal protective devices are purchased. You will find details about this type of lift below

Style Square, design line Piccadilly.

Furthermore, we are happy to introduce you to a possible alternative for the floor of your showers. It is possible for us to install a floor-level shower tray form KALDEWEI Nexsys system instead of the shower tiles. This design is cost-neutral, the choice is up to the testing of the tiles. Details can be found here

We will introduce you to further equipment details in the course of the next news, so that you can get an accurate picture of your future home.


News 1 – 22.5.2019

Dear customers, Dear interested parties!

We will now provide you weekly with the latest information about our construction project “Wohnen am Jungfernsee”.

Following the laying of the foundation stone on 5 April, construction work on construction site D and construction site E has progressed further.

At the moment we are building the baseplates of the houses E1 and E2 as well as the foundations of the future underground garage. In construction field A, the earthworks have begun.


In the construction field D, the KG the walls are peeled off, next week we will concrete this area.

For the structural work our construction company is planning the following completion:

House D on 28.7., House E1-E3 between 7.8. until 20.8. and house A-A2 between 7.9. until 13.9.

Of course, this dependent a bit on the weather.

Construction on site B and C will start in the late summer of 2019, as we are currently still using the space for logistical reasons. Of course, the distribution of real estate is already here.

The project is technically monitored by the architectural office Jovic (, contact person for construction-related questions in connection with the acquisition, for example special wishes of the equipment at purchase, is our project manager, Mr. Peter-M. Krech. You can reach him at the email address

In the sales container on the construction site, we will provide sample windows and balcony doors in about 3 weeks, so that one can also make an impression of the future color scheme and designs.


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