The city of Potsdam

Potsdam is the perfect residential city, offering plenty of everything. Thanks to its location and extensive cultural amenities, Potsdam, as the largest city in Brandenburg and capital of the federal state, has become an attractive base for business, science and capital in recent years. Potsdam is growing and thriving and, according to the IFO Institute for Economic Research, offers the highest quality of life in eastern Germany. The birth rate is higher than the mortality rate, and Potsdam has enjoyed the biggest increase in marriages in Germany. As a welcome consequence, the population is younger than average, and the proportion of infants (0 to 6 years) is well above average. The city boasts the highest density of scientists, the most start-up companies in Germany, and above-average employment – very much to the benefit of the flourishing infrastructure and the city’s increasing residential value.

The city’s strong population growth is testament to its new attractiveness – since 2000, Potsdam has been one of the fastest growing cities in Germany, and it is not surprising that more and more Berliners are moving here. The city offers a host of first-rate cuisine, fantastic markets, unique celebrations and festivals, and a wide range of traditional, cultural highlights. Within the city limits you will not only find the Sanssouci palace complex, but also prominent landmarks, such as the Dutch Quarter and the former Russian Colony. The green landscape in and around Potsdam, which is dotted with waterways and lakes, offers incredible leisure and recreational value, and attracts more and more visitors and new residents from the nearby metropolis of Berlin. Thanks to its inner-city parks, and proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Berlin, Potsdam’s residents enjoy splendid access to leisure and recreational facilities.



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